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Introducing "Sunset Haze" - a Vibrant Alcohol Ink Artwork

Brighten up your walls with this stunning alcohol ink piece, delicately handcrafted on a 390mm diameter wooden round, ready to be hung in your favourite space.

Featuring a captivating blend of deep greens and warm golden oranges, "Sunset Haze" adds a pop of color and radiance to any room it graces.

The artwork has been coated with a high-grade resin and then sanded back for a smooth, matte finish. To ensure its long-lasting beauty, it is also protected with a matte varnish.

Please note that "Sunset Haze" was one of my early test pieces, which means it has minor imperfections, as shown in the photos. However, this allows us to offer it at a lower price. Originally priced at $280, you can now own this unique artwork for just $160. Please message me if you’d like to see more images or have any questions!

Add a touch of charm and vibrancy to your home with "Dawn Glow" and let its enchanting colors create a joyful ambiance in your space.

Sunset Haze

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